Roberto Rivera

Production Designer

Originally from Puerto Rico, Roberto is a guy who combines all of his passions into his daily life. Before joining our company, Roberto worked in the field of Hospitality, serving as a chef in some of the top hotels in the Orlando area. Today, he still embraces his love for cooking, but has found a way to combine it with his interest in design and architecture. His personal goal is to specialize in designing kitchens and bathrooms, both in the residential and commercial sector. With 18 years of culinary experience under his belt, he understands what a kitchen needs most and what can optimize a chef’s workspace.

Roberto is a multi-talented individual. Not only is he great at design and the culinary arts, but he also enjoys being a DJ. His interest in music has driven this since he was in high school, and he has performed in several places, including friends’ weddings. Roberto has also faithfully served in the Marine Corps for 8 years. Each of his life experiences make him a truly a well-rounded individual.