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Social Media Storm

At Keesee and Associates, Inc. we’ve been working hard to build up our social media presence. In the last two months, we’ve added Flickr, Instagram, and to our social media repertoire. In this day and age, you have to be posting to gain publicity. At least, if you want to reach the social market.

Technology and the rise of social media have opened up so many opportunities for small businesses. It’s no longer necessary to pay for expensive TV commercials or repeated newspaper and magazine ads to get your name out there. While these are still effective methods, nowadays it’s possible to spread your company’s name for free, from the comfort of your own home by utilizing social networks. The only problem is – there are so many networks out there.

Keesee and Associates now has presence on a few of them – described below – with each title linked to our page.

   Houzz – This is a network for everyone from renters and homeowners to contractors and custom home designers. It’s a place where home improvement, design, and building professionals are invited to share high quality photos of their work – but it’s also a network for homeowners to get ideas, inspiration, and even post discussions about their design dilemmas. You can use it to find professionals in the industry for hire, ask them questions, or you can simply add their photos to your “ideabooks.” It’s an excellent place for anyone looking to build, remodel, or even redecorate their home. Plus, it’s also a tailored market for industry professionals.

   Instagram – Instagram is a more general social network that consists of photo sharing between contacts. People post pictures from their everyday life (such as photos of their meals or pets), but it can also be used to share events, people, or news via photography and a short caption. Similar to Twitter, Instagram allows you to tag other users and use hashtags in your caption.  Users can search hashtag channels according to their interests to find new content. Our company hashtag is #gokeesee

  Flickr – This network is all about the photos. Flickr is a place to display your photography and to share photos with others. While you can add contacts and comment on others’ photos, it’s not as social-based as Instagram. Instagram is more akin to Facebook and Twitter; it’s almost a network of visual status updates. However, with flickr the photos are what really matter. It’s about displaying photography proudly – which is why you can find our portfolio and photos of the 2013 New Southern Home building process there.

We also have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, but those have been around for so long, I’m sure we don’t need to explain them.

We hope you’ll connect with our new social networks, and visit again soon! We’re planning to add new photos to our Flickr throughout April, and we’re always posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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