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Framing in Action

If done correctly, wood framing is still one of the best ways to build, even in Florida.

For the New Southern Home, NWC Construction is using advanced framing techniques along with a superior framing product called TimberStrand by Weyerhaeuser. TimberStrand takes the natural strength in wood and turns it into a dimensionally stable engineered wood product that resists warping, twisting, and shrinking. With predictable strength and consistency, they can craft exceptionally straight, level walls. It also handles moisture better than natural wood and seems to have better termite resistance, not to mention its “green” values. TimberStrand combines technology and innovation to create lumber from small-diameter trees that are not strong or straight enough to be of structural value as conventional sawn lumber products.

We’re all thrilled to see these advanced framing techniques in action. It’s a refreshing change from all the concrete and block homes built in our humid state.


NSH Framing4NSH Framing3NSH Framing2

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