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Are you interested in saving money on your utility bills? Do you wish your home used less energy and was more comfortable? If you are considering major renovations to your house this spring, such as reroofing, residing, repainting the interior, or replacing your heating/cooling system, windows, or plumbing system, you may be especially interested in this website!

Of course, we should be your first call on your new renovation project!

Southern Building and Design Magazine

Whew! I just finished an interview with a writer for Southern Building and Design Magazine. We were contacted as a result of placing in the recent Florida Carbon Challenge, Design Competition and winning in the category of Best Use of Wood Materials.

The issue is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2011. I’ll be sure to post again!

Congratulations! Florida Carbon Challenge Entries

I am pleased to announce that the Florida Carbon Challenge judges have selected the group of six winners. The judges had an extremely difficult task of selecting from a group of highly qualified entries, a job which I do not envy. On behalf of APA, the Florida Carbon Challenge and the judges, we want to send a sincere thank you to everyone who participated.

The following designer’s submittals (listed in alphabetical order) Greg Beere, Russell Ervin, David Pillsbury, Nicholas Renard, Damon W. Roby and Mark Straite will be award one of the competition’s six prizes in Orlando on Thursday, January 13th . All are encouraged and welcome to attend the awards ceremony.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the competition!


Laurie Pierce

Web Site – thanks!

Thanks for visiting our new web site. I encourage you to send me any comments that you might have. A lot of work as gone into the site, so I must thank those responsible; First, David Pillsbury, our Senior Designer, creative guy, wordsmither and all round I can get it done guy —thank you! Secondly to Matt Clark at Image Designs and Tweet Pages.  Super company to work with.  He did a great job on the layouts of not just the webpage, but also of our Twitter site and Facebook pages — thank you, Matt.

Thanks again for the visit and we look forward to hearing from you.

Florida Carbon Challenge 2010

What a whirlwind design competition!  David did a great job on the design for the Florida Carbon Challenge 2010, check it out in our section on “On the Board”.

This design competition was unique in the fact that it was interested in “cradle to grave” life expectancy of the products as the main design feature. A unique way of reducing the carbon footprint. Lot of hours and brain strain went in to this project, good job David !