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A Story of Two Sisters

During this month of food & family, we’re proud to include one of our favorite past projects.

In 2007, we had two clients begin their projects on two lots, side by side. Our clients were sisters who worked together with their father, and they were building homes right next to each other. Not only do they work in the same company, but the two sisters lived next door to each other, and across their backyard stood their parents’ home. Obviously a tight-knit family, we were eager to see how the project developed. When they invited us back to their homes earlier this year for interior photography, I was delighted to see the apparent the difference in their personalities manifested throughout their home decor. While their individual styles were evident throughout the homes, I loved the contrast their two kitchens provided.

sisters_kitchensOne sister (whose kitchen is pictured on the left) prefers a bright, light-filled country kitchen, complete with rooster decor, while the other sister (whose kitchen is on the right) prefers the dark, bold look of her cabinetry, exposed beam ceiling, and dramatic chandelier. But the contrast didn’t stop there. In each room of the home, their different tastes were evident. The bold sister had bright, princess-themed bedrooms upstairs, which once belonged to her daughters. In each room, you could find pops of brilliant color paired with large furniture pieces in dark wood finishes. In her sister’s home, you found the opposite. Just a few dark accents surrounded by light colors – cream, beige, and yellow were used in almost every room of the house. Her home sported large windows to bring in lots of light and had very consistent decor throughout, as opposed to the color changes in each room of her sister’s home.

It was a joy to tour such different homes and meet two delightful sisters in such close quarters. They even shared a few family photos with us from their 4th of July gathering, so we couldn’t think of a better pair of houses to display during our month of advertising food & family!

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