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PPG Paints’ 2014 Color of the Year

The Voice of Color has announced Turning Oakleaf, a buttercream yellow, as 2014’s Color of the Year.
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According to PPG Pittsburgh Paints and the Voice of Color program, 2014 signals a shift from the muted tones of the past years, influenced by the 4-year economic recession. Through their research, PPG suggest times are changing and this year’s color trends reflect that hopeful vibe. “Refreshed thinking is driving homeowners to unwind from their stressful lives and seek colors that emphasize enlightenment… illustrate hopefulness in society… [and] transfuse a room with brilliant energy.”

Turning Oakleaf, the color chosen for this year, has been trending across global markets from architecture to automobiles, making it a clear choice for Color of the Year. Its warm, yet soft hue imbues rooms with a cheerful, bright atmosphere. However, it is not too bold to act as a calming neutral as well.

PPG Paints and the Voice of Color also released their five Color Trends for the Year.

HI-BREED is all about light, pastel colors paired with vivid brights. The pastel colors and natural materials create a peaceful area that allows for decompression, while the addition of bold, vibrant accents bring energy and creativity to the space. It’s all about lightness and removing dark, heavy accents.

MOSAIC centers on finding a new, expressive environment in mixing bold, saturated colors. It’s a dynamic theme of artisan appeal, bold geometric patterns, and vibrant color that gives a room a retro chic. It’s an indicator of the art-savvy individual who successfully mixes traditional and modern design, blends hi and lo, flea market and high-end pieces. It proves that multiple brights can be used hand in hand without appearing juvenile.

NEW SPIRIT is a color scheme with a different approach. It’s all about nature, lightness, thoughtfulness, and an appreciation for our earth. It pairs neutrals with sun-faded hues to keep environments relaxed, while texture and primitive patterns bring the scheme a worldly, cultured feel. This trend is about taking pause to reflect on what’s important to us and what we can do without.

MAGNIFICENCE aims for the opulent eye. As the recession fades, there is a trend toward glamour and embellishment rising again. This color scheme sees the use of classic architectural pieces, reinvented with jewel tones and bold colors that create an air of opulence. Those dramatic colors are paired with dark accents, giving rooms a sophisticated feel. This trend appeals to those who appreciate the classic, historic style, but aren’t afraid to reinterpret it with modern colors.

THEOREM is a scheme for the calculated, organized consumer who values order, clean lines, and a clutter free space. It is a turn away from excess that still focuses on quality in refined accents and streamlined silhouettes. The neutral, earthly palette is appreciated by those seeking less fussed living and a perceived sense of control. The strong, graphic lines of its architecture, when paired with the soft hues of this color scheme, bring a sense of ease, of solidity and security. It is a clean and minimalist look that is almost mathematical in its thinking.

To read more, peruse the PPG Color Trends booklet at

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